Get ready to be bumped with bumper Ball!

If you are planning a holiday but are bored with those paragliding and skydiving, you do on every vacation. Or you are thinking to plan a party in your new yard but don’t want that pool party again this year despite you need something new something trendy in which everyone will not only be able to participate but will also enjoy every second of it. Yes, I am talking about bumper football, in which people use to wear that giant bumper ball and play football match. This is the fun game everyone is talking about these days.

The game also known as zorb football, in which you go in the whole of beautiful inflatable bubbles. To play a game you do not need to be a professional footballer, all you need to do to get the ball from the opponent player is bashing in them and as a result, you get a funny bounce back. Believe me this not only sounds hilarious and exciting but feels too. So if you are a good footballer or a good basher then this is just the right way for you to bump into your friends and enjoy.

If you don’t have any medical concerns and neither you are afraid of being bashed by massive people then do not wait get bashed now. To wear bumper ball you have to be tall enough or about 5ft and have average weight. This game is not for big kids only people of about 12 years can also play. The ball is usually made of Plato PVC as well as Polyether TPU. This new game lets you enjoy on weekends, events, and parties. As it is a mixture of football game with a giant zorb balls that covers your from head to waist. However, the legs of the player are set free. bumper ball



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