The suits are rented per day and can present itself in consultation BumperZ all over the world for guidance. The suits may be used on substrates of grass, snow and sand (fine) and indoor floors. They have been using it for ages – from five years old you can Bubble Football play. We have special children’s sizes for the younger players. The BumperZ you can blow up with one of the free bundled ‘ blowers ‘ through which you can start immediately on arrival and quickly can start playing.



The blowers are electric and can be connected to the wall outlet so you no more have to do, pay attention, however, that they do not get wet when it’s out. All in all you get when renting BumperZ Bubble Football Pack a guaranteed fun activity in the home. Play on your own location with your friends, family or colleagues – keep your cameras ready, it will provide hilarious moments where even long talked about will be. Bubble Football Hire, don’t wait any longer and get a hilarious event.

Spread throughout the Netherlands is offered on a number of Football Bubble fixed locations. Each location has its distinctive points as a sports bar, restaurant or packages. With your group, you will arrive at the location where the already challengingBumperZ on you are waiting. After a brief instruction you can fully enjoy themselvesduring an hour Bubble football.


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