football bubble


Football Bubble is increasingly becoming trendy day by day and everyone wants to have it. But what is it and how much does it cost? Just stay on this page, the answers to those questions will be provided at the end of this article. To start with, Bubble Soccer is large round ball chambers of air that can enable you immerse a good part of your body in and get prepared for some really exceptional fun. It comes with inner handles and straps and it is made in such a way that it can allow roughing it up with some friends just playing around or better still playing a newly discovered contact sport and still your safety is assured.


The manufacturer are of the opinion that, this product can enable you defy the force of gravity and also pain that comes from making contact with an opponent. According to them, there is a wide range of things that you can get from knocker ball, for instance, playing soccer without getting hurt, knock out your opponents, and even do some aerobatics within it. Even though it might appear as if it was designed as at least two people fun with each one having his or her Bubble Soccer, nonetheless, it seems as if it can act as a perfect entertainment pleaser just for the individual.

Football Bubble price

When you first heard of it, probably you thought it could be expensive especially after you had heard about the amazing things about it. According to you, it could range between $200 and $250 per piece plus $18 for shipment. But it costs between $79 and $130 per piece depending on the brand. But currently there are some promotions going on, where the more you buy the cheaper the price.

The Commitment

For a start, you will have to follow all of the instructions for setting it up and get prepared because this is going to be your usual routine so long as you are having the Knocker Ball. Not unless you have enough space to keep it in its inflated form.

In conclusion, with all the information you have been provided with about Bubble Soccer, you now know what it is, knocker ball price, and how fun it is. One thing that you are guaranteed with it is the facts that you will not be able get injured even if you come into contact with an opponent. However, despite all the good things about it, there are precautions that you should take care of, you should not begin using it before you get go ahead from your doctor. There are some medical conditions if you are having; you are not supposed to play this game. For more information, you may go online.


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