bubble football to buy

Bubble Football To Buy:A fun spin on traditional soccer, the concept of bubble soccer has taken the world by storm, taking a flame that begun in Europe and turning it into a raging fire that might take the sport’s fame across the globe.

What is Bubble Soccer?

Also called Loopy Ball by the Germans, bubble soccer is a soccer/zorbing hybrid, zorbing beings a sport within which an individual dons a large plastic orb and rolls down a hill or level surface. With bubble soccer the plastic orb is designed to allow the legs of each player to run freely, essentially turning it into an item that is worn rather than one you enter.

The concept of bubble soccer revolves around a rather simple objective; players must score against their opponents’ nets while attempting to knock one another down in the process.

There is a sense of fun involved with engaging in defensive tactics even more than scoring any goals; players position themselves appropriately and await the whistle, at which point they charge at the soccer ball in the center, beginning a game that is not only enjoyable but highly taxing.

It should come as no surprise that visibility can become a problem, especially as the sweating begins; this is the reason one would be hard-pressed to call bubble soccer anything other than a sport on par with real soccer.


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