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Bubble Football Buy is physical, exhilarating, and enormous fun for family backyard, playing center, et.Inside the Body Zorb Ball your legs is free so it is to run, jump, walk, flip and do lots of funs and play lots of games such as Body Zorb Football, Tag, Zorb Sumo, Bulldog Zorb and many more. Or you can just run around solo and try tomaster a forward roll, cartwheel or back flip. It has many ways to play body zorbing ball, and it can also play on different locations, like grass, hill, beach, snow, water, desert, etc.

Between the two, The capacity of TPU ball standing highest and lowest temperature changes better than PVC ball, the abrasion resistance and the mechanical strength is stronger than PVC.
Usually, we play the bubble soccer made with PVC in summer, and it is all ok to play with the TPU one in summer and winter.

Feature Specifications: bumper balls, pvc bumper ball, TPU bumper ball.

It is suitable for family, backyard, school, or playing center
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Someone called it “body ball” “body bounce” is a new type of sealed Ball Game after Water Walking Ball and Zorb Ball. It is made of transparent PVC or TPU with two handles and two adjustable belts inside to secure the players.
This amusement ball is like wearing SUMO SUIT but more interesting and suitable for more places:like on grass, beach, also in inflatable pool etc.  Players can bump each other, kick the football together, roll from ramps, or small mountains, turn over …this ball can be used for rent, re-sell.
Safety concern: some one worry the player goes in upside down, and fall off from the ball. In fact,  the space of inside is narrow-same size of person, and the position of handle and belt decides that there is some distance from the top of head to the top opening of the ball.  So it is safe. However, helmet weared will be safer!


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